About DownxSoft

DownxSoft is a software update checker that keeps all your desktop software up to date. It was created to make it easier for you to be informed of newer versions of your favorite software and to make the entire process of transitioning to it simpler and faster. Our service main features include: Only the best software, we focus on quality not quantity. Very fast servers with 100Mb connections, to make your downloads as fast as possible. All software is 100% spyware and virus free. Filtering feature to allow you to only show Freeware and/or Non-beta software. New European and US download servers. Optimized pages for faster browsing.

Finding Updated Versions to Your Favorite Software

With DownxSoft you will be notified promptly once a new version has been made available and you will be directed to the DownxSoft website for easy download and installation, saving you valuable time. DownxSoft alert will include:

  • Software name – The full name of the software that was found to have been updated.
  • Software Version – The version number of the software will be found below the name of the software in the alert window.
  • More Info link – a link enabling the user to access the full software page on the DownxSoft website as well as download the new version.

DownxSoft full software page will also include:

  • Software description – a descrioption of the main benefits of the software.
  • Software Features – a list of the main features included in the software.
  • Software size – clearly indicating the file size.
  • License type – Open source, Commercial or any other relevant license.
  • Requirements – What are the necessary system requirements to run the software including processor speed, memory, and OS type.

How Does DownxSoft Work?

When you install and run DownxSoft, it will review the software you have installed on your computer and then search for if newer versions exist on the DownxSoft website.
Our site scans the web for a verity of software applications and their latest versions and then hosts them on our site. Users can then conveniently learn more about the updated versions, and easily download and install them from our trust worthy web site.

How do I get DownxSoft?

DownxSoft is a free, safe, and lightweight program that is easy to install on your computer – and can be quickly and completely uninstalled at any time.