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A free downloader that is safe

MegaDownloader is a free cloud-based desktop application that lets you securely import and share files from your PC computer or laptop. The download manager uses end to end encryption to make sure that your shared and stored items are kept safe. The cross-platform app is available on Apple Mac, Linux, and Microsoft Windows PC systems.

Is MegaDownloader safe?

All of the data that you save and send with MegaDownloader will be encrypted to make sure that spies cannot access your private information. The files are encrypted with cryptographic keys that you control. You will be the only person that can access the stored documents until you send the passcode to additional people. Even MEGA cannot get to the saved docs.

You are encouraged to create a strong password. If you forget your passcode, then you might lose the ability to access your files that are saved within the cloud storage because MEGA will not have the authority to unlock your content. MEGA recommends that you keep your key stored within a password management application: KeePassXC, LastPass, or 1Password.

MegaDownloader will prompt you to generate a recovery key to let you reset your password. The recovery code will let you create a new password to open your files. MEGA allows you to turn on a two-factor authentication code to further heighten the security of your account.

Mega Downloader receives third-party inspections from security personnel since the software is open source. You can get highly researched perspectives about how protected your confidential items are with MEGA. Additionally, the utility is free of adware, malware, and spyware. You will not be disturbed with advertisements within the user interface when you use this program.

You do not run the risk of having your content tracked by hackers since MegaDownloader does not have third party ads nor malicious files. The safety measures that the MEGA developers have against ransomware attacks make sure that you can reclaim files that have been infected.

How do I add links to Mega Downloader?

The tool will appear when you copy a MEGA link even without the software installed into your browser. If you want to download a link, then you can name the file and determine the path on your PC by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button to choose a folder.

The URL will be listed within the window to let you make sure that you have the correct content. You can tap ‘Add links’ when you are ready to start the import. The download will appear within the main UI. The filename and size will be listed. You can watch the loading bar advance beneath the ‘Progress’ section.

Additional pieces of info will be listed: download speed, status, estimated time, etc. You can press the play, pause, or stop buttons during the import. If you want to add new links, then you can press the plus sign within the icon bar. You can right click on an item within the list to expand the context menu.

MegaDownloader will let you increase and decrease the priorities of each file by clicking on either ‘Increase priority’ or ‘Decrease priority’ within the popup menu. The ‘Delete from list’ and ‘Clean completed’ options will let you erase current or completed downloads. If you want to see the link that is associated with each import, then you can choose the ‘See links’ options.

Alternative download and storage services

Free Download Manager, Internet Download Manager, JDownloader, and MiPony are comparable download managers that let you optimise and organise imports. All of the applications function as a video downloader to let you save games, music, videos, etc. The apps are offered for free aside from IDM.

Additionally, Dropbox and Google Drive are similar free cloud storage utilities that let you save and share documents. You do not need to have an associated account to receive items from the tools: Dropbox, Google Drive, and MegaDownloader. The security status is the highest with MegaDownloader since Dropbox and Google Drive do not use end-to-end encryption on files.

Secure downloader and storage system

MegaDownloader is trustworthy since your information is kept completely secure. MEGA cannot read the content within your storage account. You can easily download files within the clean user interface. MegaDownloader can integrate into your web browser to improve the efficacy of your downloads. The program is lightweight yet powerful.

The developers make sure that MEGA is running optimally with regular software updates. You can download and install MegaDownloader on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7 operating systems.


MegaDownloader 1.8 for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 8.1
Available languages:
  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • French,
  • Portuguese,
  • Chinese
Latest update:
Tuesday, March 30th 2021